The future of Xec7 is already here ...

High-end SW protection

    The Xec® architecture is the new benchmark in the field of software protection.

    It is an absolutely innovative system that ensures protection levels never achieved by other dongles.

    The architecture creates a model of operation which is not just the verification of the presence of the device, but it makes the device itself a relevant part of the application.

    The Xec7 dongle will be completely integrated with your application, without adding controls that may be bypassed by hackers, but running real pieces of your code. All this thanks to the 32-bit architectures which has the highest performances in the world of microprocessors.

Development Kit

    The developer is supplied with Code::Block for Xec®, an integrated development environment including editor, compiler and debugger based on open source code. It is also accompanied by examples of complete applications.

    Additional hints are contained in the examples on the site.

    It is also provided a number of applications specific to the management of the device and a set of advanced cryptographic APIs implemented on board Xec®.