Code execution

    The code executed on board of Xec® is sent by the protected application at runtime, hence, in case of absence of the Xec® device, the application running on the PC remains without "pieces" of code and, consequently, can’t run properly.

    The keystone of the protection system is the fact that the code running on the dongle is encrypted and incomprehensible even for the protected application. Only the operating system running on Xec, XecOS, is able to decrypt and run it.

    There is no way to access the code in clear form: the code "lives" in clear form only into the Xec device, it is never exported and extracting the dongle from the USB port it vanishes.


    Based on a 32-bit, high-performance processor (ARM7 core), the Xec® device doesn’t just communicate its presence to the application but it performs some of its parts in native mode, thus making the protected application not crackable.

    With a specific tool made available to the developers it is also possible to upgrade the pseudo operating system XecOS to the latest release.



  • USB dongle for advanced software protection
  • Device based on 32-bit processor
  • 48 Kbytes of RAM for running code sent at runtime to the device
  • Up to 16 Kbytes of non-volatile memory (FLASH) for the storage of data inside the device
  • It is possible configure Xec7 as a HID device making unnecessary the installation of any drivers (driverless)
  • In Windows OS using non HID interface the installed drivers are written and maintained directly by Microsoft
  • Support for Windows (from XP SP3 and above) and Linux, both 32 and 64 bit
  • Waterproof and tamper-evident rubber shell
  • Customizable shell for high number of pieces